Online Quran Academy in Virginia

In this age of technology, everything become very easy and reliable. In the pandemic of COVID 19, technology helps a lot in the education area. It seems to look very helpful in connecting a student with the school. Quran learning is one of the obligatory teachings in the religion of Islam. It is the holy book of the Muslim that was revealed by Allah on Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W). if you are a resident of Virginia then must visit the Online Quran academy in Virginia to build your strong relation with Allah and his creat

The angel Hazrat Jibraeel (a.s) was the messenger. When the first time angel come, the Last prophet was in the cave of Hira. Angel come and said to him, “Read.” Holy prophet gets confused because he did not know how to read. He replied “I can’t,” Again angel said with the heavy voice read. And then after repeating 2 to 3 times Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W.W) Read. In the first revelation of the Quran verses, Allah told him to read just to show the importance of knowledge in the life of Muslims. If you don’t have the knowledge then how can you come to know about Allah and his creation.

Importance of Quran teaching:

Quran language is Arabic that is a very unique language. You must learn the Quran from any good scholar who has good knowledge about it. Muslims believe in one Allah. Allah is the planner, owner, and creator of this world. When Allah sent the human to this world, along with this he sent a guide book to spend life in the world. Quran is the complete book of guidance for all human beings. I this book, Allah explained the solution of all the social, political and personal matters so that is why it is obligatory to learn Quran.

Courses offered by Online Quran Academy in Virginia:

Complete courses offered by the Online Quran academy in Virginia are:

  1. The first course is Tajweed Ul Quran. In this course, you will learn the basics of Arabic and the pronunciation of Arabic words. The Arabic language has many similar words whose sounds seem to be the same but their articulation points are different. So it is a must to read the Quran as it was revealed. Because the change in the pronunciation of the letters will change the complete word. And changing in the words of the Quran means changing in Allah’s words. Noorani Qaida’s learning is the first step in Tajweed Ul Quran.
  2. The second course offered by Virginia’s online Quran academy is Word to word Translation of Arabic words. As you know it is the book of guidance and you only get guidance when you understand the words. Quran language is Arabic so to get guidance from this book it is compulsory to read the translation of the Quran.
  3. Tafseer Ul Quran in Virginia is also offered by the online academy. In this course, you will learn the complete description of the verses of the Quran. When the verse was revealed and what teaching for us available in it.

If you have any questions then ask. We are always there to answer you.