Online Quran Classes for Kids

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Online Quran Classes for kids

The Book of Allah has a great data with respect to each matter of life. This data can help us in spending fruitful lives. Quran Translation of the Holy Book helps in appreciating the Quran in the best way. Online Quran Tajweed is a Quran academy providing state of the art education to students. It is a virtual platform where students can easily learn Quran according to their preferred timings. There are different classes designed for students of different age groups. Online Quran Tajweed has designed a special class for kids. There is a pre-requisite that has been put up for taking this class that a child must take. It is a pre-requisite for a child to take Noorani Qaida Course prior joining the class. The duration of class for children is set to be 30 minutes in which every child is been taught according to his/her ability. The best thing about Online Quran Tajweed institute is that it provides Quran education to children in both languages i.e. Urdu and English. Medium of education is selected on the basis of child’s preference. The age level that has been set up for children is up to 5 years.

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Online Quran Classes Structure

  • Class Type: One-to-One
  • Class Duration: 30 minutes
  • Age Level: At least 5 Years
  • Prerequisite: Noorani Qaida Course
  • Course Period: According to student’s ability
  • Gender: Both Male/Female
  • Languages: Urdu / English