Different Ways to Celebrate New Year in Islam

Different Ways to Celebrate New Year in Islam

In twenty-three years, the Holy Quran was to the Holy Prophet. At the age of 40, He declared Himself to be a prophet. Since then, the Muslims to learn the Holy Quran. In today’s era, many online platforms teach the holy Quran. The Online Quran classes for kids are a similar platform. It teaches kids to learn the Holy Quran in a comfortable environment. The Holy Prophet’s adherents memorized the verses and began to obey. The Holy Quran can be one of the essential aspects that no other text in his world can match.

Attributes of the Holy Quran:

Some of the main characteristics of the holy Quran are the following:

  • No one can declare to have constructed such words. It is the words of the Quran in the form of verses. It is the wonder in the Holy Quran.
  • The Holy Quran is a revolutionary text and an antidote to a life of boredom, sluggishness, frailty, and shame. It guides Muslims toward advancement and development, and the Holy Quran defines progress as social and economic growth and forbids Muslims from becoming slavery to others.
  • The Holy Quran covers all aspects of society. It begins with family and progresses through literacy, legislation, and economics to religion. The Holy Quran examines all of the social structures of life and the husband and wife connection. It has the delicate links in which they have attached.
  • There are no concerns or worries in this text. It is free of all errors and falsehoods. In both words and actions, this book is accurate. All thing that has been said is devoid of all facts and trials.

New Year in Islam:

The Islamic calendar is on the Moon’s rotations instead of the sun and earth. As a result, it’s only 354 days. The first day of Muharram is the very first Islamic fortnight. We observe the Islamic New Year. The Muslim lunar calendar begins with the Islamic New Year, also known as the Hijri New Year. The schedule has been for significant Muslim occasions for more than 1500 years, such as the commencement of Ramadan (the month of fasting), Eid al-Fitr, and the Pilgrimage. The start of the next Islamic New Year is methods involving mathematical and meteorological computations, as well as a formal moon-sighting activity. The technique used varies depending on the region.

Different ways to celebrate New Year in Islam:

Recitation of the Holy Quran:

The holy Quran is by Muslims to commemorate the New Year. In this way, multiply good deeds. The Muslims will refrain from wasteful gatherings and activities. The Holy Quran reading reveals that Muslims are happy and grateful for the New Year. It demonstrates how happy Muslims are to have the New Year.

Remembrance of Allah:

The remembrance of Allah Almighty is the second method Muslims celebrate the new year. They believe Allah commands everything that occurs in their lives, both good and terrible. Each thing takes place for a reason. As a result, on the occasion of the new year, Muslims remember Almighty Allah and pray to Him to bless them even more in the next year. It is a method to greet the New Year.

Spreading  of the Knowledge:

Another way to welcome the New Year is to share your knowledge. The knowledge helps the friend, family, siblings, and relatives. It can be down through the Holy Prophet’s hadith and verses from the holy Quran. People would gain knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran in this way. It could answer their questions that have been unanswered for a long time. People benefit from providing essential information in this way and will undoubtedly be recognized.

By doing charity:

If people waste our money on new year items like a trumpet which is for changing the nights, and then it ends up as trash in the dumpster, why do not we spend it on helping people in distress? For instance, humans are going to an orphanage not distant from their homes. It brings them a present, whether it is food or nice clothes (or a new worshipping item like a cloth, worship pad, cap for guys, or, even better, the Holy Quran). In Sha Allah, people will be rewarded by Almighty Allah for what they provide and bring them. It is a great deal of happiness.

Final words:

As a result, Muslims can commemorate their new year in ways. The only thing Muslims should remember is that they are not harming anyone. They must live their lives following the teachings of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty has instructed Muslims in every aspect of their lives. People merely need to follow Allah’s rules and obey His teaching and directives. In this way, the Muslims could succeed both in this world and hereafter.

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