Some of the Things to do During Ramadan

A good moment to connect with our internal selves and our Lord is always during Ramadan. At Online Quran Classes for kids, we received training. They give us information about the holy month and its customs. The good deeds we perform will make us better individuals. It is not our new dresses or the amount of food we prepare for Eid. It is at the end of the happy month.

Importance of Ramadan

The month is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is renowned for cleansing the soul and bringing one closer to Allah. Ramadan lasts 29–30 days and is a time for spiritual contemplation, self-control, worship, and self-discipline. Sahur and Iftar are the two meals that Muslims eat before nightfall and after sunset, respectively. During Ramadan, a lot of believers also conduct the Umrah. There are many other things to do and refrain from during the holy month of Ramadan. It is in addition to not eating or drinking from sunrise till nightfall.

How to observe fast?

When someone fasts during Ramadan, they refrain from eating or drinking anything. It includes water and gum. It is from sunrise until dusk. Muslims are to consume suhur, or a perfect meal, before daybreak. While this meal is similar to breakfast, it has items usually associated with the evening. Muslims break their fast after sunset. It is a meal that often begins with dates and water or milk, followed by dinner. Between the two meals, Muslims are to snack and stay hydrated, especially during the summer when Ramadan.

Habits during Ramadan

  • Let’s establish the practice of going to the mosque as frequently as we can once a day with our family.
  • Let’s make it a weekly ritual to break the fast in the masjid with other Muslims.
  • Let’s encourage our friends and neighbors who aren’t Muslims to accompany us in completing our fasts.
  • Let’s combine our money and efforts to serve the homeless.
  • Let’s be extra kind and contribute to deserving causes.
  • Let’s urge our kids to perform Taraweeh at the mosque with us.
  • Let’s at least make an effort to learn the Quran in its entirety once.            
  • Let’s make sure to rebuild our relationships with everyone, errors and all.

Things Done in Ramadan

They are the following:

Say the Quran aloud:

Ramadan is a time to interact with the All-Powerful. It is the time of year when one should read the Holy Quran as much as possible. It is because it is when the holy book was to Prophet Muhammad. The words of the holy Quran should be recited and considered in daily life.

Keep praying:

All Muslims are to do Salat, which entails five daily prayers, during Ramadan. One of the Five Foundations of Islam, Salat, aids Muslims in asking Allah for direction and pardon. Salat al-fajr, Salat al-zuhr, Salat al-‘asr, Salat al-maghrib, and Salat al-‘isha are these prayers. Muslims should do Dhikr, the act of thanking Allah in their rituals. Muslims should offer prayers for their family’s well-being and wealth.

Do Fast:

According to Islamic tradition, fasting during Ramadan is one of the practices. Additionally, the spiritual benefits of fasting are during the month of Ramadan.

Do good deeds:

Give a portion of your wealth to people in need. The holy month promotes brotherhood and kindness. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims should provide to meet the needs of the poor and needy. The practice of feeding the needy should be throughout the year.

Exercise self-control and diligence:

Take part in the Ramadan communal spirit by exercising restraint, generosity, and responsibility.

Uphold your religious life:

Ramadan is a time to focus on prayer and strengthen your relationship with Allah. As a result, the community observes celibacy during this holy season.

Be respectful:

Ramadan tries to teach us to be patient, empathetic, and loving. Fast encourages harmony and brotherhood among Muslim groups all around the world.

Inappropriate attire

The key is modesty. It is preferable to wear modestly, and it is by staying away from ill-fitting clothing.

Wishing your pals:

Common Ramadan customs include wishing friends and family. It is spending time together as a family over meals and exchanging gifts.

Promote Unity

The month of Ramadan is to encourage harmony among friends, family, and the community. Dine and pray together since it helps to fortify the relationship.

Final Words

We have one more chance during this Ramadan to renew our commitment. It is to the authority of the divine and devotes our lives. It is to worship Him and Him alone. We can create our plans for how we will each benefit. We can take steps to earn God the Almighty a little more grace. The holy Quran was to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is during the month of Ramadan. It is why people commemorate it, and Muslims observe several rules in addition to their daily fast. Ramadan emphasizes self-discipline, self-control, and worldwide brotherhood. It fosters empathy for the less fortunate. Know what a Muslim must and must not do during the holy month. It is before it begins this year.

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