Importance of Qurani Qaida for kids

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Qurani Qaida is the basic foundation of reading and understanding the Quran. It helps children develop a better understanding of Arabic language and phonetics. Additionally, it helps them connect individual verses and surahs with one another. By learning Qurani Qaida, kids are able to read the Quran properly and with correct pronunciation. This makes their learning experience more immersive and insightful. So, if you want your child to learn Nazra Quran effectively, make sure you also enroll him or her in a Qurani Qaida course.

Who needs Qurani Qaida?

Everyone, regardless of age and gender, can join a Qurani Qaida/noorani qaida program offer by Quran Iqra Acdemy. The only requirement for Nazra Quran is the ability to read the Arabic alphabets. However, even those who cannot read Arabic alphabets will be able to learn quranic qaida with the help of its charts.

So, whether you are an adult who does not know quranic qaidas or a kid who is studying qurani qaida in school, Quran Iqra Academy’s qurani qaida program is perfect for everyone.

What qurani qaida will teach?

Qurani qaida teaches Quran recitation with the correct pronunciation of all qira’at (readings). It employs a systematic approach to connect Arabic letters with vowels and other components. This process is similar to learning the English alphabet. The program teaches Quran reading through qurani qaida charts. The Quran reading charts are used to help kids learn quraanic recitation step by step.

The Qurani qaida program also teaches proper qira’at pronunciation with the help of its qira’at wall chart. These qira’ats are standard readings for Quran recitation in quranic qaida classes. These qira’ats are taught to Quran students according to the following steps: First, learn qurani qaida charts and table without qira’at. Second, learn qurani qaida with tajweed rules. Third, after learning quranic qaidas through tajweed rules, Quran students are taught qira’at.

The noorani qaida program is the first noorani qaida course that Quran learners can learn at Quran Iqra Academy. After completion of this noorani qaida course, they will be able to join advanced courses for Quran learning such as tajweed qaida, Quranic qaida, qira’at qaida and qira’at tajweed qaida.

Why Choose us

Quran Iqra Academy qurani qaida courses are taught by quraan teachers who have studied quranic qaidas extensively. Additionally, their quraanic teaching skills often win them regard and praise from parents of quraan students.

We encourage quran students to learn the art of quranic recitation properly and quran. We chose qurani qaida to be the first quranic qaida course that we teach at Quran Iqra Academy because of its importance for studying other courses such as tajweed qaida, quranic qaida, qira’at qaida and qira’at tajweed qaida.

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