Online Quran Academy in Melbourne

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Islam is the religion of Muslims. It is the religion of peace. The Quran is the holy book of Muslims. Before the Quran, three books were revealed for the guidance of mankind but the people of that time made the changes in the words of the Quran to make it easy for us. They follow the teachings of Islam that were easy for them and change the rest of all.


 Quran is the only book of guidance for the whole of mankind that was revealed by the last prophet 1400 years ago. At the time revelation of the Quran Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W)was in the cave of Hira. Arabic is the language of the Quran. At that time the language of the people where it was revealed was Arabic, so it was understandable to them but now Arabic is only the language of Arabs. So to enlighten your life through Quran and Hadith it is important to learn it in your language.

In the Quran, Allah tells about the condition of previous people and in detail explains their way of the sun and their punishments. Not just to make it fun but to make us realize that if we do wrong then what will be our punishment. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W)is the complete description of the Quran. He followed the Quran and became an example for all.

Quran Academy in Melbourne:

It is the age of technology and everything is shifted to the online system. Now you can easily get the knowledge through the internet but the real knowledge is in Quran. There are many scholars who are offering many online courses for the Quran study. You can also take help from the online Quran academy in Melbourne

Tajweed Ul Quran and Its Importance:

Tajweed Ul Quran means reading the Quran in the way it was revealed. When the Quran revealed there were no signs of zbr zair paish on it. But after some passage of time when the Quran spread, the people of different areas did not pronounce it right. Noorani Qaida is the first step to learning Tajweed. When you read this, you’ll be able to pronounce the letters of the Quran in the right way.

The words of the Quran are the words of Allah and it is very sinful to make changes to them. As there are many letters in the Quran whose pronunciation is the same but the points where they arose are different. These minute changes will become the reason for changing the meaning of the Quran.

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