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Technology is increasing day by day, everyone needs smart solutions to their problems. Being a Muslim Learning Quran is the most important duty. The Quran is not only the book of Muslims but it is the way of guidance for the whole of mankind. Islam is the religion of Muslims. You can also learn the Quran online from great scholars.

Muslims believe that the Quran is the last book that comes from ALLAH for guidance. All the previous books are not correct now because the people change their teachings according to their desires. Allah himself took the responsibility for the Quran which is why it is present in its purest form.

Noorani Qaida:

When people start to read the Quran, he/she start with Noorani Qaida. In this book, there are 17 lessons in which the person learns the letters of the Quran identification and sounds. The Quran language is Arabic and hard to understand. A minute change in its Arabic can change the meaning of the word. Changing the words of Allah is Sin.

Tajweed Ul Quran:

Tajweed Ul Quran is the course in which the reading of the Arabic letters with the proper roles is taught to the student because there are many letters in Arabic that sound the same but their articulation points are different. Online Quran academies are also offering many courses in which you can learn the Tajweed, and online Quran In Brisbane, you can also learn the Tajweed in an effective way.

The Quran has 114 chapters, in these chapters Allah tells all the matters of life in detail. You can find the solution to each and every problem in it. In this book, the punishment of the previous people is also discussed in detail that how they ignore the teaching of Islam and in the end what they face. 

The Quran has the right to be read it correctly. And as Muslims, it’s our duty to learn the Quran reading first and then try to read the description of ayats. Because it is not the book of reading, it is the book of guidance and if you do not read this book in your own language then how can you get the knowledge from it and how can you implement the teaching of the Quran in your life? and how will your life become full of peace? Must learn the Tajweed, Tafseer of Quran and spread the flowers in the way of your life.

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