How Do I Read Quran With Tajweed?

How Do I Read Quran With Tajweed Online?

Tajweed comes from the word Jayyid that means to do something skillfully. It contains a complete set of rules that are to be followed while reading the Holy Quran. Preservation is the main reason for learning the Tajweed rules. It helps in the pronunciation of letters correctly. The Quran is the Holy Book that is a speech of Allah. It contains profound knowledge of the whole universe. The people who strive to learn it are the most fortunate. There are Quran Tajweed Online classes that help people in memorizing easily.

Tajweed is an Obligation:

Reading Quran with the rules of Tajweed is obligatory. It helps to read in a better way. The meaning of the words should not be distorted. There should be no mispronunciation that could cause disrespect. The best source to learn Tajweed is reading Noorani Qaida. It helps in emphasizing the words and letters at the right time. It guides the use of the proper articulation. The pace of recitation gets correct.

Is Silent Reading of Quran Allowed?

The Quran should be read aloud even if you are not praying. Your voice should be heard in your ears. If there is an area of quiet observation, then it can be recited silently. The Quran is not an ordinary book; it is a special gift from Allah Almighty to the Muslims. There are ten times reward for reciting each letter of it.

Apps of Learning Quran Tajweed:

With the advance in technology, new devices are formed to learn the Quran Tajweed with ease. Different applications on the internet can download on the phone. They give comprehensive lessons on various topics. The learners at all levels can get benefit from it. The essential reading and skills in Tajweed can be improved. Some tutors help you in learning. In these apps, you can also be your teacher by following the guidelines. There are the best tools to learn the Quran.

Topics of the Study:

There are the following topics that are included in learning proper Tajweed:

  • The similar pronunciations.
  • Reading of different alphabets.
  • The rules of waqf.
  • Additional powers of meem, noon, and alif.
  • The oblique writing.
  • Different natures of letters.
  • Points of Utterance.
  • Concept of very long Madd.
  • The Sukoon, Shaddah, and tanween.
  • Pronunciation of thick and thin.

Feature of Apps:

It has the following features:


The Arabic scripts are narrated in the voice. It guides listeners to pronounce the letters perfectly.


There is an option to record your voice and compare it with the tutor’s recitation. You can correct your mistakes.

Examples from Quran:

The examples are quoted from the Holy book help learners to get familiar with the Quranic words. 

Videos and Pictures:

It provides pictorial ideas to explain the makharij and videos to give an idea about ishmam.


There are different exercises in the form of test. It is to evaluate the student about his knowledge.


There are examples and practice exercises related to the knowledge that you gain. It will increase your knowledge. The topics that are highlighted are practiced.

Articulation Points:

There are specific points of articulation that are pronounced correctly through different areas. They are the following:


Six letters are pronounced from the throat. These are Heh, hamza, aein, haa, ghein, khaa. They are uttered from the deepest part, middle part, and the closest part of the throat.

The Nasal Cavity:

The letters like mim, noon, ba, waw, and fa are pronounced from lips and nasal cavity. The outer and inner lips touch each other when pronouncing these words. 

The Tongue:

There are five different areas on the tongue from which the letters are articulated. They are the deepest part, middle part, head and tip, and side of the tongue. The pronounced notes are qaf, kaf, jeem, sheen, ya, daad, lax, noon, and ra.

Benefits of Learning Tajweed:

There are several advantages for Muslims. Some of them are the following:

  • The people who recite Quran by following Tajweed rules are the companions of the angels in the hereafter.
  • The people will have higher ranks who read Quran proficiently. They will be given important status than ordinary people. 
  • On reciting each letter, the Muslims are given ten deeds. Imagine the reward of reciting the whole Quran rightly.
  • The Quran will be an intercessor for the Muslims who read it regularly and correctly on the Day of Resurrection.
  • Learning Quran with Tajweed rules helps in avoiding several mistakes. A single mistake changes the whole meaning.
  • Tajweed is an obligation. The person who does not learn it will be a sinner.
  • By reading the Quran proficiently with Tajweed, helps to understand the meaning of the verses. The Quran is sent to guide us. It only happens if we read it by understanding.
  • The linguistic meaning is understood by the people who try to learn it. It purifies the soul.

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