Learn To Read Quran with Basic Tajweed Online

Learn To Read Quran with Basic Tajweed Online

What Is The Holy Book Of Muslims?

The holy book of the Muslims is Quran. It is the book of guidance for the whole of mankind. The language of the Quran is Arabic which is the national language of the people living in Arab. Muslims are peaceful people, follow Islam. They believe in ALLAH and worship him. The five main pillars of Islam are Kalma, Salah, Fast, Zakat, and Pilgrimage. Quran tells us about all these five pillars in detail. So must read it.

Importance of Reading the Quran:

Tajweed Ul Quran is obligatory to learn because the Arabic language is very sensitive and the change in the pronunciation of the Quran means changing the words of Allah. It is sinful. The Arabic language is understood by the Arabian. As I told you, It is the book of guidance, so must read the Quran with the correct pronunciation and take guidance from this book must read the Taseer of the Quran means, Quran verses in detail.

Methods to Learn Online Quran with the Basic Rules of Tajweed:

 You cannot learn the Tajweed of the Quran in one day. You must need hard work and time. You can not learn the Tajweed rules of the Quran by yourself you just need the help of some scholar. During this age of internet learning, the Quran has become very easy. As the online learning system is available and the internet is using by everyone so utilize it in a good way. There are many scholars who are teachi9ng the rules of Tajweed in a proper step by step to learn. Don’t waste your time Grab the chance and make a life happy place to live. You can also learn online the tajweed Quran.

To learn the Tajweed Ul Quran, the first thing to read is Noorani Qaida. This book is written to make the learning process of Tajweed Ul Quran easy. It has 17 lessons. At the start of this Qaida, you will learn to pronounce theletters of Arabic and all the Differentiate between the different Arabic letters sounds. There are many letters in Arabic which have the same sounds but their articulation points are different. Some words are looking the same but some of them are pronounced by the grave voice and some have shrill sounds.

When you learn the Arabic letters, the next step is to learn the Arabic Signs. These signs have a great impact on the meaning of many words. A little change in the changes the word. So you will learn to distinguish these Arabic signs.

After learning the Arabic letters and Arabic signs, now you are able to read the word of Arabic by combining the two or three or more letters of Arabic. At the completion of this Noorani Qaida, you will be able to read the Quran with the correct pronunciation, in a way it was revealed.

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