Manners of reading the Quran

Manners of reading the Quran

Islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion. It instructs all of its followers on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The Holy Quran is the final book that was to the Holy Prophet. It serves as a source of advice for both Muslims and non-Muslims. It shows us how to conduct our lives in the most efficient way possible. Every Muslim has a religious obligation to follow the teachings and principles of the Holy Quran. Online Quran Academy is a platform to teach the students about the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Online Quran coaching:

Every Muslim is required to read and comprehend the holy Quran. The Holy Quran is a source of light for the suffering of humanity, and it guides us down the road in life. A person could live a prosperous and healthy life in this manner. There are two ways to read the Quran. One option is to read it from a tutor in person, and the other is to learn it online from any coach. Individuals nowadays prefer to study the holy Quran digitally using any online learning platform. It not only saves a person’s time, but it also protects them from other financial costs. All that is of the user is of an appropriate online learning platform.

How should beginners read the holy Quran?

Norani Qaida is the core of the Holy Quran, and it aids in the comprehension and recognition of Arabic words. It also aids in acquiring short sounds, vowels, and pronunciation. It’s time to start reading the Holy Quran once you’ve finished mastering the Norani Qaida. Begin rehearsing the lines and double-check that you have covered all of them. Tajweed is the essential aspect of reading the Holy Quran. You wouldn’t know where to stop and continue reciting the Holy Quran if you didn’t know Tajweed. Because all Muslims must read the Holy Quran in Tajweed, it is critical for studying the Holy Quran to pay special attention at this stage.

Benefits of reading the Quran:

These are the following:

  • To heal our bodies and erase the sicknesses from our souls.
  • It leads us to Allah and brings us closer to Him. We can grow in our understanding of being more humble in front of Him and express our need for Him.
  • It brings calm and tranquility to our souls. We feel comfortable in our everyday life. The reading of the Holy Quran gives the confidence to face the world and stand against injustice.
  • Several non-Muslims are able to comprehend the Holy Quran by trying to read it as a sort of ibadah as Believers do. It is due to their knowledge of the Quran language.

Manners of Quran reading:

As the holy Quran is the sacred book of Muslims, so care should be in its recitation. Some of the manners are the following:

Perform ablution: 

The holy Quran should only be with clean hands; hence wudu, or purification, is required first. It allows one to achieve clarity of thought in addition to bodily cleanliness.

Sit in a proper manner:

The Quran text was by Allah Almighty, and it is appropriate to show respect for it. It is by resting in a correct manner. While holding the Holy Quran in your hand, you must always adopt a caring posture, displaying your utmost regard for our Precious Book.

Put the holy Quran in a high position:

The Holy Quran is in very high regard. That is why, whether learning it word by phrase or during memorization, one must set it on a high shelf. Most people do this with a clean pillow, which you might try if you do not have a solid book rest designed expressly for studying the Holy Quran.

Do not talk in recitation:

When one starts reading the holy Quran, ensure one must get rid of any disturbances that can keep one from doing so. It involves using cell phones and sometimes even conversing with others. To avoid being tempted by Satan, keep a safe distance from earthly activities.

Do recitation in a low voice:

Many newbies make the error of attempting to read quickly in the mistaken belief that doing so will improve their fluidity. That is not the case, however. When trying to recite the Quran quickly, there is a good chance you will make mistakes and grasp the definition of the sacred book. It is best to read it softly. It will benefit you in ways.

Follow Tajweed rules:

When reading the Holy Quran, we should be careful about how the words are because Arabic is one of the most complicated dialects, and a minor misspelling might change the genuine meaning of the passages. One must also attempt to read the Holy Quran in an attractive tone.

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