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What are Different Ways To Get Closer To Allah Almighty?

Your jugular vein is closer to Him. Our belief in God does not terminate or deteriorate just because we cannot visit the mosque. We are His servant and servant wherever we are in His world. He keeps an eye on your heart. So keep up the work. We can get closer to Him by reading the holy Quran. It can be through Online Quran Academy. There are virtual platforms that guide learning the holy Quran. The Holy book has teachings that bring us closer to Allah Almighty.

Our Connection with Our Creator

 The Quran was given to us by Allah as divine guidance and knowledge that will never lead us wrong. It was given to us by Allah as a reminder. If we feel disconnected from Him, it is not because of Him. It is owing to a lack of diligence on our part. We became disoriented because we abandoned the map that God had given us. Understanding the meanings of Allah’s names in depth has the benefit of strengthening our aqeedah. In sha Allah, the more we learn about Allah, the better we will comprehend His Majesty and Glory, and the simpler it will be for us to surrender and become a better servant. By showing us sights of paradise, he also inspires us to do better. It gradually establishes a healthy balance of hope and fear, which we can draw on.

Tips of Connection to Our Almighty

They are the following:

  • Allah is Always Near, Irrespective of Your Perception
  • Keeping Faith During the Day
  • Make an effort to earn Allah’s affection.
  • Make a prayer to Allah (SWT)
  • Consider Allah’s blessings.
  • Genuine Reconciliation
  • Dhikrullah and prayers
  • Have faith in Allah (SWT)
  • Five Prayers for Every Day
  • Keep Death in Mind          

Ways to Get a Closer Connection to Allah

They are the following:


It involves remembering Allah s.w.t. and, in some cases, expressing the natural state of one’s heart through transcriptions and salutations. Begin with the simple Zikir of Subhan Allah (All Glory to Allah), Alhamdulillah (All Praise to Allah), La ilaha illallah (There is no real lord but Allah), and Allahu Akbar (Allah is Mighty) in every deed. It’s also known as the forever great action. You can repeat a favorite Zikir while completing your tasks and employ a variety of Zikir from the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet s.a.w. It is at varying moments during the day.


We are woken up five times a day by the success we crave. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. prayed so hard at night that his feet swelled up.


The Arabic term means to ask pardon from Allah s.w.t. Repentance is a characteristic that Allah s.w.t. adores. It is to make a lovely and humble return to Allah. We may not be aware of our sins as we seek to be better servants of Allah daily. However, Allah forgives us time and time again because He is The Most Forgiving, The Pardoner, and The Acceptor of Repentance. We should not lose trust in Allah’s mercy, no matter how much we have wronged. Let us seek as much forgiveness from Allah s.w.t. as we can now that we are in the month of Rajab.


There are numerous advantages to praying for our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. It’s also one of the most popular ways to show our affection for him. Let us urge one another to express our love for the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and to offer as many prayers to him as possible. Reciting Darood Shareef on Allah’s last Prophet is one of the easiest ways.

Recite dua

Making dua is an approach to becoming closer to Allah s.w.t. The lovely thing about supplication for others is that it also benefits us. We can read several powerful duas for protection from harm.

Reading of the Holy Quran

There are numerous advantages to reading the Quran. It is optimum time to fill up as much time as possible with the Quran. Simply saying one page after each prayer, or hearing the recitations while working, is a good thing to keep you awake and active.

Think good about the lord

Finally, we must consistently remind ourselves to have a positive mindset and perception. More significantly, we should have positive thoughts about Allah s.w.t, our single Creator and Most Merciful. It is a matter of the heart to have it towards Allah s.w.t. Imagine spending our days at home doing chores, eating, and joking with our loved ones while our hearts are of Allah s.w.t. Every aspect of our lives will be devoted to The Almighty. May Allah s.w.t. accept our works and provide us with support in our worship. May Allah s.w.t. offer us a happy life full of comfort and satisfaction.

Final words

Our whole aim in life is to praise Allah, Who has bestowed upon us everything we possess, including our being. If we turn every chance we have into an act of worship, it will be fulfilling our purpose for being here. What can we do to make every moment an act of worship to our Creator? As a result of our intentions. May Allah provide happiness and peace in your and my hearts. May He close the tie between Him and us. Aameen.

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