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What is tayammum, and How to perform it?

It is in Religion, and it has been declared an essential prerequisite and vital to some types of devotion. Purity is a prerequisite for religious systems, and it is a requirement for good sanitation and wellbeing. It increases nourishment, and it would be incorrect to limit hygiene to physical cleaning alone.  It is soul cleaning, integrity, and strong morals are just as essential as physical tidiness. Allah Almighty will not recognize the prayer of an individual whose motive is not pure, and it is not genuine. There are different hadiths and Ayats in the Holy Quran that you can learn Quran Online with Tajweed, and are various online academies to teach you the Holy book.

What is Taharah?

It is a language term that refers to purity from pollutants, both bodily and ethically. In specific terms, it implies eliminating contamination that prevents proper supplication and relieving the state of Hadath (physical ritualistic unclean). When liquid is inaccessible, there is a potential for serious injury from using it owing to illness, old time, or extreme weather. Tayammum and dried cleansing with pure dirt can be for cleansing with water.

Types of Taharah:

They are the following:

  • Purification relates to the procedure of removing any obvious bodily impurities such as feces, plasma, or vomiting from one’s person, clothing, or place of worship that would invalidate the ritual. It is in this scenario by removing the perverting component from the infected area by rinsing, spraying, or scouring it with fresh water.
  • It is the way to clean oneself from indescribable filth associated with the flesh, known in Islam. It inhibits an individual from praying or performing other religious activities. Imperfection can affect a whole physique. It is significant ritual uncleanliness in this instance and is by washing.  It can affect components of the organ, which is referred to as slight ceremonial defilement in this case and is by a factor such as a, snooze passing air, body fluids, or feces and is removed by rinsing.


It is a Muslim practice of drying ritual cleansing using dirt, rock, or clay that can be used in ceremonial cleansing (wudu or Ghusl) if freshwater is unavailable or if one is experiencing humidity epidermal infection or scale.

When to make tayammum?

It is in the following cases:

  • If there is no liquid available or the quantity available is inadequate for bathing.
  • If someone is hurt or sick.     
  • If the water is sufficiently freezing to cause trauma to the person.
  • If there is liquid nearby, no one can get it out of anxiety.
  • If a person is storing water for future consumption.
  • If one can obtain liquid but is concerned that the supplication will have ended if he attains it.

The process to do Tayammum:

It is the following:

  • To do tayammum, strike both palms on the earth and gently wipe off everything that adheres to them. It clarifies how it is done. He slams his hands together on the floor. He tayammum with the other hand if one is gone. Someone performs it for him if he is incapable of functioning himself, and he scrapes his face in the sand. It is if he can’t delegate someone. The term striking’ does not refer to real hitting. To place his palms on the ground used for tayammum, earth, and this striking’ is a requirement.
  • Before commencing, the person must desire just soil and nothing else that is not acceptable for tayammum. In the first hitting, he must decide to make the supplication legal or the necessity. He aims to implement the request from the smaller impurities if he is in minor contamination. He wishes to make the prayers permissible from the higher filth if he is in larger defilement.
  • He cleanses his face after tossing his palms. It does not leave anything out. He doesn’t overlook the higher ear bone or other stuff. It is not permitted if he left even a small amount of the cleansing of the entire face. He begins at the beginning, like ritual purity, and drags his fingers running the side of his hair. He wipes lightly across the contours of his face because that is the essence of cleaning.
  • Slammed the fists into the floor.
  • Then, with your left hand, clean your right palm and arm. To do so, place the ends of your left hand’s fingertips on the points of your right hand’s fingers.
  • Then with your hand on the inside of your forearm, glide your hand backward from your elbow to your wrist while grasping your shoulder.
  • The left palm and arm are then in a similar manner, and after approaching the cuff, the left hand is down to the bases of the digits.

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