10 Most Practical Tips to Learn Tajweed

10 Most Practical Tips to Learn Tajweed

Learning Tajweed is good for understanding Quran. It helps us not making mistakes in Quran. It should be learned accurately. Quran Tajweed must be done at an early age as kids observe and learn everything easily than younger. There are 8 rules of Tajweed to learn it accurately.

These are the tips for learning Tajweed:

Hire a professional instructor:

For learning Tajweed, you should hire an instructor who can help you. They show you how to pronounce every word of the Quran. Now with the advancement of technology people have started Online Quran academies. Where they help children in learning Tajweed and many other things. Online Quran Tajweed Female Quran teachers are now available to teach your kids Tajweed at home through their phones, tablets, and pads. This thing has helped many kids to learn Tajweed in the best way. You can watch videos of many Muftis for learning Quran.

Focus on the articulation points of the Arabic letters:

Pronouncing Arabic letters is very important in Tajweed. All you need is to comprehend, letters pronunciation and articulation. The throat includes three-point; the back point, the middle point, and the entrance point. We pronounce letters from these three places. There are 28 alphabets of Arabic letters without Alif. It is very important to practice these articulation points. These points are known as the Tajweed of the Quran. Flex your tongue accordingly. Tajweed is much easier for those people who know Arabic well.

Recitation of the Holy Quran:

Do what your tutor instructs you about. Recite Quran daily and most importantly the work that your tutor has taught you. Reciting Quran is the best way of revising your work. The more you read the Quran, the more your articulation becomes good. You should buy mus’haf which includes signs of the Tajweed. This will help you a lot in learning Quran correctly. It has colored the verses and words where articulation should be used. Quran recitation is a holy task and must be recited by every Muslim.

Keep on practicing:

Practice makes a man perfect so, practicing and reciting Quran will help you in understanding it better. By reciting it again and again you can achieve fluency and regularity. The Arabic language is termed the king of languages. Learning Tajweed is learning the Holy Quran in an extraordinary way. If you are not learning it then you are missing the most fundamental part of your religion. Reciting Quran is reading the best book for anyone. The study says that listening to Quran recitation helps in releasing stress and anxiety. So, keep practicing Quran recitation for a better recitation.

Mistakes will teach you:

Don’t get afraid when you first mistakes because mistakes are the best teacher. You can correct your mistake with the help of your tutor. Allah stated,

So fear Allah as much as you are able and listen and obey and spend (in the way of Allah); it is better for yourself. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul-it is those who will be successful. (64:16)

Recite it in front of your mentor if you want to recite it correctly. Your tutor will stop you at that point where you will make mistakes.

Teach whatever you learn:

Teaching is the best method of learning something. When your tutor teaches you after that you should teach that work at your home to your younger siblings, for learning it correctly. This type of learning fixes everything in your mind because when you are teaching it you are cautious not to make mistakes. This idea might be done by many students of Tajweed. The Prophet says that,

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 5027)

Quality of recitation:

As you are reading the best book in the world so the quality of recitation matters too. You have to recite it in a soft and humble manner. If you recite it in a fast way then you will obviously make mistakes. Recite it slow in order not to make mistakes

Record and compare:

If you record while you are reciting Quran and then listen to it, it will help you a lot in removing your mistakes. You will highlight your own mistakes. You can compare the recording with your tutor’s way of reciting the Quran. This will be helpful


Focus on intonation. The rise and fall of your sound are also important for Tajweed. It will be best if you learned when will you increase your sound and when will you low your sound. And where is silence best?

Learn Tajweed Rules:

Tajweed rules are the important factor of learning Quran Tajweed. First, you have to learn its basic rules then you will be able to Learn Quran Tajweed. Rules are obligatory in learning Quran.

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