What Is The Easiest Way To Read Quran?

What Is The Easiest Way To Read Quran?

This question should be asked by every Muslim that, Are we reciting the Quran properly? Quran is an Arabic word that means to read. This Holy book was revealed on our last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). This book includes a message from Allah. This is the last book of Islam.

Reciting Quran calms the heart. It gives you peace and harmony. It brings us closer to Allah. Allah can forgive all our sins by reciting Quran. Every Muslim should learn and recite Quran by heart. Our Akhirah becomes better by reciting Quran. Quran is a source of forgiveness. It guides us towards the right path.

You should follow the following rules when you are reciting Quran:

Learn Tajweed:

Everyone should learn t Tajweed so that they should not make mistakes while reciting Quran. The word Tajweed means doing something well. It will help you to pronounce the verses correctly. Tajweed is very helpful in reciting Quran. Tajweed is very important for every Muslim.

Don’t hesitate to repeat:

Some people are afraid to make mistakes and then they don’t repeat it but put the Quran back. This is not the right way. If you want to learn something you have to practice it. As practice makes a man perfect so, don’t hesitate while repeating. Repeat it again and again and it will help you a lot to get rd the mistakes that you made at the start. The important thing is that don’t lose hope and keep trying.

Read it slowly:

When you read something slowly then it means that you have full focus on that thing. The same is the case in reciting of Quran; you have to recite it slowly. You have to recite each and every word and for this, you need concentration first. This will help you in understanding the words and you will be able to pronounce them better.

Recite if beautifully:

As it is the most beautiful book in this whole world so, recite it in a beautiful way. It has the message from Allah and it is obligatory for us to recite it beautifully. Some people have a beautiful voice and they the recite Quran in such a way that it directly goes to our hearts and melts our hearts. It is a blessing from Allah so we must recite it by heart in a beautiful way.

Try to understand it:

As it has the message and guidance from Allah. So, we must understand it first. If we understood it first then it will be easy for us to recite it. It contains great messages from Allah. He has taught us many things in this book. He has revealed many secrets in this book. The first step to understand Quran is that recites it with translation if you really don’t understand Arabic.

Apply the message of the Quran to your daily life:

Allah has revealed this book to understand you His religion, Islam. He has described many things in this book. If we applied it in our daily life then our life will become peaceful. We will seek forgiveness from Allah. We will lead a happy life.

Learn to understand the Quran in your own language:

You should find someone who can teach you Quran in your own language. You can also go to Madrassas for learning Quran in your own language. This will help you in understanding and reciting the Quran by heart. Quran understanding is obligatory for every Muslim.

I don’t have enough time:

You think you do have not enough time for reciting it but question yourself really, Are you busy for Allah too? The one who gives you everything. You have to give enough time to Quran. You should arrange a time for reciting Quran. You should leave every work in order to give time to your Holy book.

You have prioritized everything else except reciting Quran:

If you are reciting Quran then think that you are very special and Allah has chosen you for this beautiful work. So, make reciting Quran your priority first. If you prioritized everything else except Quran then there will be no peace and guidance in your life. You will not seek forgiveness from your Allah because for you other things are important.


These are the following ways with the help of which you can recite the Quran easily. You can learn and read Quran in the best way by following these ways of reciting the Quran. You can learn Quran online with Tajweed from a tutor. Online learning is also the best way to recite Quran easily. Stay focused when you are reciting the Quran. Quran is the most special book from Allah. It is a gift from Allah to his people. One can seek everything through this Holy book. One can start a perfect and peaceful life by following this book.

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