How Can I Learn Quran Without Mistakes?

How Can I Learn Quran Without Mistakes?

Learning Holy Quran without mistakes is like an honor for Muslims. They spend a lot of time on it and work hard to reach the level of perfection. At that level, mistakes are not a part of their recitation.

Holy Quran is not an ordinary book, and all Muslims are well aware of this fact. They know Allah has sent this book to them through Holy Prophet, and it will stay with them till the Day of Judgment.

This special book guides them in all life matters, including the big and small. It is a source of guidance, and to have a better understanding, it is compulsory to learn and recite it properly.

Holy Quran is in Arabic, and Arabic is not an easy language. Both the natives and non-natives find it tough to learn. It requires a lot of practice and revision. Also, you cannot learn it on your own. You need the help of a professional and expert for it. 

Sometimes you will make mistakes without realizing them because of a lack of guidance. At that time, you need somebody to point it out on the spot or you will learn the verses along with mistakes. You will think of yourself as perfect or on the right track, but when a well-learned person will hear verses from you he will spot the mistakes on the spot.

So, it is a fact that one cannot master the art of learning the Holy Quran without practice and understanding. Like every other language, all the Arabic letters and alphabets hold different meanings when used differently.

To make sure that you are reciting the Holy Quran with correct articulation, you should see that you are reciting all the letters and alphabets exactly the way they are.

If you feel bad about your recitation and mistakes, read this article to correct yourself. In this article, we will discuss how you can learn the Holy Quran without making mistakes.

The first step of learning the Holy Quran is to hire a tutor for yourself or join an online Quran Academy. In Quran academies, you get the chance to learn under the supervision of highly talented and well-educated tutors.

Hire a Tutor:

When you learn under the supervision of a professional, there are fewer chances of making mistakes. Your tutor will guide you with all the basics. The tutor would ask to start from simple and little surahs at first.

When you have a grip on little Surahs, you will feel confident and motivated to learn more. Also, when you are doing things on yourself, you often get distracted.

To avoid any confusion and distraction, make sure that you learn under the supervision of a tutor.

Start from Noorani Qaida:

Noorani Qaida is the small version of the Holy Quran. It helps you learn the basics of the Holy Quran and Arabic. If you are not a native, then you must learn Noorani Qaida.

When you learn Noorani Qaida, you get to know all the articulation of all the Arabic words and letters. Learning the pronunciation of Arabic letters is essential because later, it becomes the reason behind your mistakes.

So, to avoid making blunders, it is vital to learn the Noorani Qaida in the first place.

Start from Small Surahs:

After completing the Noorani Qaida, it is time to start the Holy Quran. When you learn the short Surahs, you learn more quickly. Also, you get to know the understanding of different words, and it helps you a lot while learning the long Surahs.

When you recite lengthy Surahs, there are more chances of mistakes. The verses are long, and it also decreases your motivation.

If you want to have a smooth track, choose the right way. Seek help from your tutor and ask them to guide you from where to start.

Memorize the small verses and understand what they mean. It will help you a lot in learning the Holy Quran without mistakes.

Revise and revise:

The best way of avoiding mistakes is to revise your lesson as many times as possible. Holy

Quran is a special book, and once you stop paying attention, you forget everything.

Revision and practice are compulsory, and without them, the chances of mistakes and errors increase. If you want to get perfect in Holy Quran recitation, you have to revise daily.

The best time for revision is morning because your brain works fast in the morning. When you practice and revise your lessons in the morning, there are chances that you will learn the Holy

Quran without mistakes.

You can also spare time from your morning lesson to correct all your mistakes. Memorize them and then see how you overcome all the errors.

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