How to Find the Best Online Quran Teacher for Kids?

How to Find the Best Online Quran Teacher for Kids?

Holy Quran is the Book of Muslims, and it holds great importance in their life. Learning it and making its teachings a part of their life is an obligation.

As a parent, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to teach their Holy Book to their kids. To fulfill this duty, they have to take necessary steps for their learning and education, and hiring a tutor is one of them.

Although you can teach the basics at home but learn Quran online with tajweed, you have to hire a professional. A tutor is the best option, and you should consider this option to see progress in your kid.

A tutor is more skilled than a normal Muslim because it is their job, and they have mastered the art of teaching the Holy Quran to people. Their grip on Holy Quran is strong and they know what necessary steps to take and at what time.

Finding a tutor is a tough job because it is a delicate matter, and you cannot take any risk. In this article, we will discuss how you can find the best online Quran teacher for your kids

Contact a Reputable Institute:

Religious teachings are more delicate as compared to other teachings because they have a connection with our soul. So as a parent it is your responsibility to handle this matter sensibly.

When you are hiring a tutor for online Quran classes for your kid, make sure that you knock on the right door. Choose someone who is well known and has a good reputation in society.

It is always preferable to contact a reputable institute. It is because scams are everywhere, and you should not become a part of it.

Be safe and go to an institute that is already established and people have good reviews about them. For this purpose, you can seek help from the internet and can read the reviews of people regarding different institutes.

When you read comments, it gives you a clear image of an institute. Select the one with positive feedback and then knock on their door.

Take The Course Of Your Choice:

When you are hiring a tutor for your kid, the first thing you have to see is the type, of course, you choose for your kids. If your kid is well aware of basics and is only having an issue with tajweed, it means you have to go for someone who is an expert in tajweed.

Different tutors teach different courses to students, and everybody is expert in their particular field. So, the first thing after selecting an institute is to find the course that you want your kids to do according to their level of education.

When you choose the right course, you get the right tutors who teach the things you want your kids to learn.

Choose Someone Who Is Native Arab:

When you hire a tutor for your kid, the best decision you can make is to select a native Arab. A native will teach Arabic vocabulary to your kid more easily than someone who is not Arabic.

Talk to the Tutor

When you enroll your kid in an online institute of learning the Quran, the next thing you have to do is to talk to the teachers. See who is teaching tajweed and other things and discuss your kid’s present state with them.

Discuss your goals with them so that they can work on your kid according to it. When you define your goals, the tutor will not waste time and will do whatever is required.

Ask the tutor to have a friendly connection and make the learning environment. It will help your kid grow because kids are unaware of their good and bad. But parents know, and they take action on their behalf to keep everything smooth.

Talk about everything related to studies with the tutor and assess their progress over time. If you see a positive change in your kid it means the tutor is taking your kid on the right track.

Check The Safety Of Your Kid

When you hand over your child to a tutor, it does not mean your responsibility ended. You have to keep an eye on their learning duration because it is necessary.

It is necessary to listen to your kid and ask them about what they feel about their online classes. If they are having any problem and if there is any safety issue your kid is facing, it is a red sign for you.

Take feedback from both the child and the tutor regularly to see if everything is on the right track. If your kid complains of any security issues listen to them. And then talk to the authority about it and quit classes as soon as possible.

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