Advantages of Teaching Online Quran to Young Children

Advantages of Teaching Online Quran to Young Children

As Muslims, we must learn Quran and its teachings. There is no age limit to learn new things but if we do it at right time it would be more beneficial for us. So we must teach our children. Nowadays learning Quran is very easy. There are many Online Quran Classes for kids who help them to learn Quran easily and quickly. They don’t have to get ready to go to attend their classes. Now they can conveniently use online resources for their learning.

Benefits of the Quran:

Quran is the book of guidance. Once you start reading the Quran all your problems will be solved and if you are feeling sad then reading Quran is a great therapy because it fades away all the worries. You should always act upon the teachings of the Quran. The only path that will take us from the darkness to the light is Quran. On the day of judgment, the Quran will be proof for us. By reading the Quran, our rank will be raised in this life and the life hereafter.

The Need for Online Quran Classes:

The one and the only book of Allah Almighty is the Quran. It is a book of guidance for all Muslims. Every Muslim wants their children to get the education of the Quran. At a young age, the brain is very active and it helps the kids to memorize the Quran easily and with fun. Many parents want their children to learn Quran at home so they opt for online classes for their children.

Selecting Online Quran Classes:

Nowadays, the selection of online classes for memorizing the Quran is very easy because there are numerous sources or online academies which provide great services to their customers. The selection of online classes for kids is also time-saving and money-saving. In an online class, the teacher has one to one connection with their students so the students can pay more attention. The families that live abroad or in non-Muslim countries will opt for this online tutoring option because they did not find any other best source than these online Quran classes.

Structure of Online Quran Classes:

  • Category of class: one-to-one class.
  • Duration of class: Maximum 30-35 minutes.
  • Age Limit: Minimum 5 years.
  • Necessary Condition: Course of Noorani Qaida.
  • Progress Period: It depends on students’ capability.
  • Tutor Language: Urdu and English.
  • Gender: Male and Female.

Learning Opportunities in Online Classes:

An innovative method of learning the Quran at home is through online classes. Some super qualified tutors teach online Quran to the kids at home. You will get a lot more learning opportunities through online classes. Some of them are:

  • You can improve your tajweed by learning its rules.
  • You can gain basic knowledge of Islam.
  • Arabic language can be recognized with different shapes and sounds.
  • Proper Makharij of Arabic Alphabets can be learned.
  • Reading of Quran with proper pronunciation can be learned.

Other than these opportunities parents have the chance to observe their children progress themselves. The kids and their parents both can gain Islamic knowledge including Quran education. It is the best way to benefit your young children.

Tutors Training:

There are qualified and experienced tutors in online Quran classes who are specially trained before teaching to the students. Online teaching is different from other teachings so the teachers are trained accordingly. For teachers or tutors, there are different training courses and programs through which they are educated.

Benefits of Online Quran Classes:

There are many benefits and advantages of learning the Quran online. Some of them are:

Economical and Conformable:

The Quran classes are very affordable and are conducted at an economical rate. Everyone can afford them. There are also numerous discounts present if there is more than one member of the family. 

Can Choose Your Time Yourself:

It is also a great advantage of online classes that you can choose your class time. You can manage your routine easily.

Efficient and Simple:

Many people do not pronounce Arabic correctly so it is a very simple and efficient way to learn the pronunciation of the Quran. You can also learn the Quran with an Arabic accent.

One on One Interaction:

Only one teacher and one student can do this type of interaction. It would be beneficial for students because a teacher has full focus on the kid or the student. The learning ability will also increase by this interaction.

No restriction of Physical classroom:

You can study from your own home or your bedroom in online classes. There is no restriction of taking class physically. There are different sessions which you can take at your ideal time.

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